Easter Deviled Eggs

This recipe is a colorful spin on deviled eggs for Easter. Deviled eggs are a classic at any kind of gathering in the South, so it’s fun to find new ways to reinvent them. We’ve posted a recipe for DIY Easter Egg Dye, and you can use that recipe for these eggs. Why not get your kids to help with these eggs just like they do with dying eggs to hunt? They’ll be learning to cook and helping you prepare for Easter dinner at the same time.
  • 12 hard boiled eggs
  • Homemade natural vegetable dyes
  • ½ cup Follow Your Heart Vegenaise
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1/4 tsp. pepper
  • 1/4 cup finely diced fresh parsley, 1 tbsp. set aside for a garnish
  1. First peel the shells off the hard boiled eggs, then cut each egg in half.
  2. Spoon the yolks out of the egg halves into a mixing bowl. Mix up the Vegenaise, egg yolks, and all the seasonings except the tbsp. of parsley you saved for a garnish.
  3. In each container of dye, submerge 3 or 4 egg whites and allow them to soak up the dye for at least an hour. You can leave them in the dye overnight if you want more intense colors.
  4. When the egg whites are the color you want them, remove them from the dye, rinse them gently, and pat them dry.
  5. Spoon the yolk mixture into the egg halves and garnish with parsley.



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