Gluten Free, Organic Tailgating

natural hot dogs

Football season’s in full swing, the weather’s cooler, and some of the trees are already shedding their leaves. So, it’s time to fire the grill up again for fall tailgating and bonfires. But why should having fun mean you have to eat junky food? There are many nutritious options for you to consider when planning your menu. One way to be sure your food is as good for you as it tastes is to cook everything from scratch. If you’re like us and you don’t have the time and energy for that, you can find healthy products to replace your old junky standbys, when you know what to look for, that is.  You can still have a chili cheese dog with everything when you’re really craving one. Just make sure the ingredients are of good quality and the healthiest version of that product. Keeping that in mind, here are some tasty ideas for your next party.

  1. Gluten Free Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns by Udi’s
  2. Organic Prairie Uncured Beef Hot Dogs
  3. Blackwing Organic Chorizo Brats
  4. Wildcat Creek Lodge Grass-fed Ground Beef
  5. Blackwing Organic Rib-eye, Sirloin, and New York Strip Steaks
  6. Amy’s Spicy Organic Chili
  7. Minerva’s Dairy Organic Cheeses in Gouda, Colby, and Farmer’s (like a white American variety)
  8. Woodstock Farms Organic Sauerkraut and Baby Dill Pickles
  9. Annie’s Homegrown Organic Ketchup and Mustard
  10. Follow Your Heart Grapeseed Vegenaise (a healthy alternative to mayonnaise)


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