Gluten Free Pizza


There’s nothing quite like the convenience of a gluten free frozen pizza. So many boring or super busy evenings have been saved by its presence. Most frozen pizzas are a little less expensive than delivery and not much more trouble. Plus, you don’t have to wait an hour while the delivery guy drives past your house three times trying to figure out where you live. Here’s the basic information you need to know about the gluten free pizzas we’re currently carrying in our store. Whichever one you choose, we can tell you from personal experience that they’re all delicious.

To refuse to share with anyone – Glutino Spinach & Feta Pizza is a lovable little personal sized white sauce pizza that is practically perfect for dinner. Just add a side salad and you’re set.

For when you need pepperoni – Udi’s Uncured Pepperoni Pizza is a classic pepperoni pizza with a crust that has just the right amount of crisp. It’s just big enough for a couple to share on movie night.

To share with family and friends – Against the Grain Nut-Free Pesto Pizza is about the size of a normal large sized pizza from a restaurant. It has a bendy crust and tastes a lot like cheesy garlic bread.

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