Why Buy Cornucopia Organic Produce Baskets?


So what’s the big deal about organic produce, and why should you pay for it?

Many of you may have heard about a recent study that claims organic food isn’t any better than the Frankenstein GMO, pesticide coated kind of food. The problem is, these scientists are ignoring important factors that contribute to overall health, probably to please one or more of the giant corporations that fund such studies and in turn profit from the chemical based method of growing crops.

First, let’s explain what the term organic means. To be labeled organic, a food must be grown and made free of pesticides, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics, synthetic fertilizers, sewage run off, bioengineering, or radiation. Basically, if it’s a method of crop production that doesn’t come from what could occur naturally, it’s out. More holistic, natural methods have far less negative impact on the environment, and consumers don’t put their health at risk by ingesting toxic substances like the ones listed above.

If you still doubt the wisdom of letting nature take it’s course, think about it this way. How many times have you seen an advertisement for the latest drug, product, or diet, only to hear about a huge law suit 10 years later when people start getting cancer, having fatal accidents, and etc. because it was something someone thought up to make money without fully investigating the consequences? Farming has undergone similar upheaval in the past century. In 1939, DDT was the latest and greatest scientific advancement that was going to make everybody’s life better, but before that technology was limited to natural methods of farming. Pesticides didn’t even become standard issue until the 1950’s. We are only just beginning to see the consequences on the environment and our health and realize our mistakes.

Organic is obviously the responsible choice. But then why is organic food more expensive? Shouldn’t it cost more to buy what’s bad for you, not less? Yeah. It really should. Unfortunately, the way food production works in America makes it easier and more profitable for farmers to grow GMO government subsidized crops using pesticides and all that bad stuff. So, in turn it’s cheaper and easier for food manufacturers to use these inferior foods in their products. By the time the cheap, but contaminated and over-processed food sits on the shelf at the grocery store, it looks harmless and virtuously frugal to buy the seemingly less costly foods chemical based crop production turns out.

Think about this, though. Somebody has to pay for chemical waste cleanup in the soil and water, and it’s not going to be the mega-corporations that made the mess. It’s going to be people like us. Plus, there are the medical bills the farmers and we as consumers incur when our bodies can no longer handle the unnatural levels of toxic substances in our food supply. Who knows what effects GMO’s and pesticides could have on future generations’ ability to reliably produce crops and live in a world with a healthy, stable environment? In the end, the cost in human suffering and environmental damage caused by the corporation driven farming system far, far outweighs the extra dollar or two per pound you’d pay to buy organic.

At All is Well, we have an Organic Produce Club with baskets of seasonal produce available to pick up every Tuesday. You’ll save money, eat healthier, and you won’t have to go to the grocery store to do it. There are currently openings in the Cornucopia baskets, which contain a paper grocery sack full of about 9 to 13 varieties of fruits and vegetables for $32 plus tax to members. Our customers often tell us the flavor and appearance of our produce is many times better than what they see in regular grocery stores. Call us or come see us to start enjoying your good health through eating good food.



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